Picture overload!

Since we've moved to California, we still like to do all the same stuff as listed in the 2011 string of photos, but now we have Disneyland season passes (yay!)  

 (Carter's) grandma Brenda threw a big birthday party for all of her grandkids last summer.  It was such a fun day!

I'm just putting up a bunch of pictures that we've taken throughout this year so you can get a feel of what our family is like.
We like to squeeze in as much as we can (but we really like just hanging out at home too!), and we like to give our kids opportunities to have great experiences and make memories they will hopefully always remember.
Some of our favorite things are swimming, fireworks, birthdays (we love making birthdays fun and fabulous!), holidays, cooking and eating, water parks and amusement parks (we go to Disneyland once a year and go to the park for four days), the beach, going to fairs, demolition derby's, the circus, NBA games, the zoo, the children's museum, the aquarium, having friends over, camping and really just doing anything together as a family.

 We made these cute Valentines this year, but honestly, they seemed kind of creepy to me!  :)  Funny!!

 We rented this slide for Addison's birthday party in our backyard last year.  It was so fun for everyone!

 Brussel sprouts-YUCK!  :)

 We won a private concert with We The Kings and they performed in our basement.  It was great!!

 Marty and Jen went on a (really hard!) pioneer trek last summer.  It was so great though.  We loved it!

 This is on the Polar Express and Santa has just walked onto our train car.  I love the expressions (and the wave!)

 Our (mostly) all red Valentines dinner.