Our infertility story

Marty and I were married about 1 1/2 years when we decided to start our family (we dated for nearly 5 years before we got married).  It took us about 1 1/2 years until I got pregnant with Addison.  We were thrilled and found such joy in being her parents.  Although I had visited some fertility doctors, there was no real diagnosis why it took us that long to get pregnant.  So, when she was just over 1, we started trying again.  We haven't been able to get pregnant since then (just over 8 years now), with no real diagnosis still.  I have endometriosis, which can definitely have an impact on fertility, but it should still be possible to get pregnant.  We have been advised to do in-vitro, the doctors believe our success rate would be pretty high, but that just hasn't felt like the right decision at this point.  
So, after about 3 or 4 years of trying we decided to put our adoption papers in.  We had our home study and background checks done, when our friend called us about his nephew.  He knew we were just starting the process and wondered if we would be interested (Carter was 15 months old at the time).  We said yes and about 6 weeks later, his sweet Grandma Brenda, who had been caring for him and who we all love SO MUCH brought him out to Utah and we became a family of 4.  
Like I said, I am happy to talk about anything you want to know, but I thought I'd give you at least a small version of our story and how/why we are wanting to adopt again.  Hopefully it wasn't too much information for you!  :)