Update on Carter...He's almost 7 now!  He has loved our first year in California.  He LOVES kindergarten and still wants to play with a friend every single day.  He is so happy and social and loves everyone.  He is not intimidated by adults and will talk with them just like he talks to kids.  He's also very funny.  He has a great sense of humor!  He's become a really great swimmer and loves jumping on the trampoline and being outside best of all.  He's very creative and loves building/making things, especially with duct tape.  :)  He's definitely artistic and has really good rhythm and dance moves.  He's a fun kid to be around and has the sweetest, most gentle way with babies and little kids.  He always asks for a boy AND a girl.  Whatever happens, there's always fun when Carter is around!


Carter is 5 1/2 and is such a great kid.  He really lights up a room, and loves to be around people.  He is almost always smiling and happy, and he loves to make everyone laugh.  He is so, so social, isn't afraid to say what's on his mind, has tons of energy, is super curious and always keeps us on our toes!  He likes to play with cars and Legos, but he loves to be outside best of all.  He likes to swim, climb, run, ride his bike, play in the dirt or snow...whatever is available, go on Marty's motorcycle (just around the block!), go on big rides (at Disneyland his favorite ride is Tower of Terror!), help in the kitchen, eat  and just to play hard every single day. He is still in pre-school and loves it!  He wants a friend to come over every day and is always so excited about life.  He is independent, loving and compassionate, tender-hearted and sweet.