Just wanted to do a little update on Addison.  She will be 11 in August and has had a great first year here in California.  She has loved 4th grade!  She just finished her Spring soccer season and LOVED it!  She is planning on playing again in the Fall.  She also continues to love gymnastics, girl scouts and activity days.  She is a very happy, sweet girl.  She loves babies and kids and still asks very, very often when we can adopt another baby.  :)  I love this stage of her life where she is still a little girl, but also growing up and becoming her own person.


Addison is 9 and in 3rd grade.  She loves school!  She has a good sense of humor, she knows how to be calm and quiet but she also can be crazy and loud!  She has been asking for a baby brother or sister since she was tiny, and gets so excited when she is able to hold any baby!  She was so thrilled when Carter joined our family and is (almost) always so good to her little brother.  She is a little mother to all the kids in the neighborhood and at school.  She loves to have friends over, but she also likes to just be home with our little family.  She LOVES to jump on the trampoline, swim, go on big amusement park rides, ride her bike, read (tons!), draw or write, play the Wii, play the piano, watch Dolphin Tail, stay up late and sleep in late and lots of cute and fun 9 year old things.  She has done a little acting class the last 2 school years which she loves and has been so good for her (we tease her that she's going to have to stop because sometimes her acting (aka 9 year old girl drama) at home is too good!).  Actually, she can be a little timid at times and the class has given her confidence to do things that make her nervous (like getting up in front of people).  She wants to do everything!  But we try to keep it so she's not busy all the time, and she recently discovered that she LOVES soccer so we'll stick with those few things for a while.   She is really focused at school, and catches on to things easily.  She remembers everything!  She's well rounded and tries her best at everything she does.  She truly is a blessing and it's so fun to watch her succeed in life.  She has a lot of love to share and has such a good, sweet soul.